What if I Told You That You Would Have a Higher Value Social Circle, Massive Opportunities in Your Lap, And a More Epic Life in Just 8 Weeks?

Three Benefits of the High-Value Social Circle You Will Have After Completing
this Intensive Program:

  • 1

    Having a flawless strategy for approaching new people and a format for directing conversations, so you confidently build ties with people of value… no matter what level of experience you have.

  • 2

    Discovering how to position yourself so that people will want to connect with YOU before you even have to approach them.

  • 3

    Transforming yourself into a higher-level master at building the social circle of your choosing while having influence and respect as a person of massive value.

What is Social Capital?

Dr. Isaac Jones

Dr. Smith

Why does Dr. Isaac Jones (a super entrepreneurial doctor) have more influence, sell more, get paid to travel the planet to teach doctors how to build successful practices, and have literally hundreds of people each week trying to get consults from Dr. Isaac? While most doctors like Dr. Smith are wishing they had more clients...

The answer is his social capital. Dr. Smith is perceived as a family doctor, and Dr. Isaac Jones is perceived as a doctor that has worked with top athletes, entrepreneurs, and famous celebrities.

People look to Dr. Isaac Jones as someone that must know more about health and wellness than other doctors, based on how many people choose him over their primary care doctors - amazing right?

Dr. Isaac invested in building his value to others from the beginning. He is the perfect example of someone that not only mastered his skillset (in health and wellness) but also in his value to others through special actions like we’ll show you below.

Social capital development is the one way that you’ll have more confidence in building relationships, having more opportunities coming to you, and living a more fulfilled life because you’re not struggling so much to be relevant.

What would you have if you had the same social capital as Dr. Isaac Jones, but in your personal life and work field?

After seeing so many people struggle to “find their group,” gain confidence and land major life opportunities, this Intensive mentoring project was a “must” to develop.

Here's an update on a member from Feb 5th, 2016

Crushed an investor meeting this week, and got a $100MM equity check commitment and I owe it to The Art of Charm because I learned how to give value at my boot camp. Thanks guys.

Ravin Jagoo


The Social Capital Networking Intensive

Here's your personal guide to having an incredible skill set for building a strong social circle and providing value to those in your life like never before.

* disclaimer:

After you complete the Social Capital Networking Intensive, you're going to develop the skills and confidence to walk into any room and walk out with a pocketful of business cards.

You’re going to strengthen your value as a person by forming bonds with people who will help enhance your quality of life by guiding you to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.


Social Capital Networking Intensive

  • It's an easy-to-follow, 8-unit Intensive delivered over ten weeks.
  • The Intensive is an online program that is accessible anywhere.
  • It includes 32 training sessions and bi-weekly exclusive question-and-answer audio sessions.
  • Each session includes video and audio training, as well as workbooks to ensure that all aspects of the Intensive are covered, helping you master these epic systems.
  • Training materials are easy, simple downloads.

No Experience Required.

We’ll transform you into a more Incredible Person of Value.

* disclaimer

If you’re willing to open your mind to the possibility of increasing the value of your personal or professional brand on a global scale…

If you’re interested in working with incredible people who deliver results and inspire you to be more...(And who introduce you to their more successful, high-profile friends...)

Then this is the Intensive for you.

It doesn't matter if you’ve struggled with making a lasting first impression. It's okay if you've had a hard time finding how to be high-profile. You can be sure you will be more than you are today. You’re about to learn what it takes to transform your current self into that person of extreme value.

Module #1

Social Capital Strategy

  • How to represent yourself to your current inner circle.

  • You'll get our Foundations of Networking step-by-step process for developing the skills to strengthen and maintain relationships.

  • You'll learn how to understand and keep track of the value of our 2-way bonds with important people.

  • You'll learn how to be a great relationship-builder instead of a “networker”.

  • You'll see how to build your social capital asset by creating and delivering what’s valuable to others - and realize how that gives your life more essential power.

Module #2

The Four Essential Mindsets

  • You'll learn how to abandon Me-based thoughts by avoiding questions like, “What will this person do for me?”

  • You’ll discover the right questions to ask at exclusive, high-profile events.

  • You'll figure out how to tap into your confidence by introducing other people to each other using our double opt-in strategy.

  • You’ll receive our guide for taking inventory of the best qualities you have in engaging others - and how to activate them every time.

  • You’ll gain an important way of thinking about how to communicate.

  • You'll see how to engage with high-profile people in a way that feels good.

Module #3

How to Meet People

  • You will learn creative ways to follow up with important contacts in a way that forms lasting alliances.

  • You will learn to utilize the abilities to create new and exciting connections with higher-quality people.

  • You will take a higher leadership position in the eyes of these new people of value.

  • You will get our guide for integrating what you love about your top influencers’ approaches to life into your own.

  • You’ll have more of what it takes to connect with people and demonstrate killer listening and communication skills.

Module #4

Creating a Network Strategy

  • You’ll learn how to develop your ambition into a strategy that help you achieve your goals in life. Anything that’s kept you back won’t any longer.

  • We’ll show you how to integrate your new abilities into your daily and weekly schedule.

  • You’ll find your “ideal interaction lifestyle” by taking inventory of your strongest qualities and then seeing how to highlight them in every introduction.

  • You will learn more ways to seize opportunities without coming off as needy.

Module #5

How To Care For and Maintain Your Network

  • You'll learn how to connect deeply with your network every year, without total overwhelm.

  • You’ll learn how to sustain rapport over time with your following.

  • You’ll learn how to make the most impact with your daily, weekly, and monthly online engagement.

Module #6

How To Fix Networking Pitfalls

  • You’ll learn the different ways your relationships can go downhill and how to prevent them from happening.

  • You will learn about human bias and how you may be damaging your network without even knowing it.

  • You’ll learn by hearing how the most successful relationship-builders get themselves out of the most intimidating high-profile individual problems.

  • You’ll be utterly and completely clear on how to fix pitfalls in the future.

Module #7

How to Make High-Profile Friends

  • You'll learn how to work on yourself to become someone that high profile people love to have around.

  • You’ll take everything you’ve learned from Modules 1-6 and add icing on the cake with the things that you’ll need to add for it all to work effectively.

  • You'll be shown how to use the Social Capital Strategy you've learned to find, contact, and develop relationships without being inauthentic.

Module #8

How to Get a World-Class Mentor

  • You'll be taught how to find a mentor the Art-of-Charm way, and how to follow the steps to gain enough value to be worth a damn to a great mentor.

  • You’ll learn how to engage once you’ve met your future mentor.

  • You’ll see how to make an inventory of current events, topics, etc. that you could mention in conversation with your mentor.



Get One-on-One Training from The Art of Charm with the VIP Upgrade:

  • 1

    Get exclusive access to 11 hour-long “master classes” taught by certified experts, not available anywhere else.

VIP Mentor Class One

Making Your Mentors Want to Work With You

Selena Soo

  • You’ll know how to avoid pushing away your mentors and influencers by avoiding certain tactics
  • You’ll gain the interest of people who can help you grow your business, and make them want to work with you
  • You’ll learn how to maximize your relationship by knowing exactly what your needs are
  • You’ll discover why choosing the right medium for communication can make all the difference, and which mediums to use in various situations
  • You’ll properly gauge the amount and type of feedback to give when growing relationships
  • You’ll learn how to surround yourself with the right people, and keep those people close

VIP Mentor Class Two

The Art and Science of Fascinating Conversation

Vanessa Van Edwards

  • You’ll learn masterful ways of starting conversations
  • You’ll learn the four types of conversationalists and how to adapt your style to get the results you want faster
  • You’ll make sure your contributions have substance and motivate the other person to want to work with you
  • You’ll avoid coming off as Debbie Downer with unnecessary negativity
  • You’ll increase your influence by projecting your thoughts and opinions the right way
  • You’ll know how to make a powerful and positive introduction

VIP Mentor Class Three

The Art of Developing Profitable and Lasting Relationships through Sales

Alex Kouts

  • You’ll learn how to create leverage by genuinely being interested in someone deliberately
  • You’ll discover the how you can drastically improve your skill sets by creating free products
  • You’ll know the importance having a “fear of missing out” mindset and how it can lead to unexpected opportunities that skyrocket your career
  • You’ll learn how to get the attention of and possibly work with industry leaders by providing them unsolicited and unexpected valuable
  • feedback You’ll learn the secret of using your passion to make you stand out from the crowd of your peers
  • You’ll find out why it’s essential to be easily relatable

VIP Mentor Class Four

Creating a Winning System to Network with People Who Inspire You

John Corcoran

  • You’ll learn how to make connections with powerful people by being of service and value to them
  • You’ll know how to deepen connections with influencers and recognize when things are starting to go the wrong direction, and steer them back to where you want them
  • You’ll learn the secret to being fearless in asking for what you want
  • You’ll make new connections through using effective introductions
  • You’ll learn how to using social media can be an incredibly effective way to build relationships
  • You’ll learn the power of helping others and it can result in amazing opportunities for you

VIP Mentor Class Five

Designing the Conversation to Maximize Results in Your Business

Michelle Lederman

  • You’ll discover how make a great impression from the get go with the right opening
  • You’ll be taught how to leverage curiosity by using the oldest conversational ice-breaker - talking about the weather!
  • You’ll learn how to use specific conversational techniques to gain favor with influencers and mentors
  • You’ll discover how to close a conversation in a way that makes the other person think highly of you and want to meet with you again
  • You’ll learn to avoid specific conversational no-nos that can lead any relationship to an early demise
  • You’ll learn how to strengthen relationships by providing the out.

VIP Mentor Class Six

The Fast-Track for Massive Social Capital and Networking Success

Peter Voogd

  • You’ll get the scoop on how to boost your social currency by rubbing elbows with the right people
  • You’ll find out what the invisible key to your development is that’s always been at hand and how to use it to get amazing results fast
  • You’ll learn how to surround yourself with people who help you become better, faster
  • You’ll find out how to turn expectations into realities
  • You’ll learn specific steps you can take to achieve results

VIP Mentor Class Seven

Pro Strategies for Getting Your Moment with the Heavy Hitters

Dorie Clark

  • You’ll learn how to push past the tipping point of meeting influential people as a start-up
  • You’ll find out how to use considered timing to maximize your results
  • You’ll create leverage to get people to act quickly
  • You’ll advertise your own credentials in a way that makes people take notice
  • You’ll get court of influencers by creating the right opportunities

VIP Mentor Class Eight

The Heaviest-Hitting Lessons About Networking

Michael Simmons

  • You’ll learn the trick to building powerful alliances through sharing and generosity
  • You’ll know how to use diversity to more effectively grow your business
  • You’ll learn how to increase your social value exponentially by serving others
  • You’ll learn how to avoid short-selling your success by constantly aiming for the immediate payoff
  • You’ll discover why bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your mastermind group
  • You’ll increase your chances of creating lasting and valuable relationships by making the right introduction the first time

VIP Mentor Class Nine

Killer Branding through Storytelling

Marsha Shandur

  • You’ll learn how to sell yourself (truthfully) using the skills of masterful storytelling
  • You’ll master the art of making powerful opening statements
  • You’ll know when to be strictly factual and when to lean on emotional emphasis to create the right effect
  • You’ll personalize your stories to catch massive traction with the person whom with you’re talking
  • You’ll learn to edit your stories to reach your audience within limited time frames
  • You’ll know how much to give to your audience to ensure they’ll come back wanting more

VIP Mentor Class Ten

Leveraging Social Perception to Increase Your Business and Social Value

Daniel DiPiazza

  • You’ll find out why cultivating others’ perceptions of you can play the biggest role in boosting your social credibility
  • You’ll learn how to target publications that best reach your audience and how to get that publication to be interested in you
  • You’ll find out what the crucial next step is after you get your foot in the door
  • You’ll learn how to use one major win as a springboard for the next 10
  • You’ll learn the way write your material in a way that sucks readers in

VIP Mentor Class Eleven

How to Make Your Business Boom by Working the Room

Susan Roane

  • You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of working a room to maximize your results
  • You’ll learn what materials you should have on hand at all times to sell yourself
  • You’ll find the keys to mingling memorably and making strong and good impressions
  • You’ll learn the three essential parts to a conversation and how to use each to make the connections you want to make
  • You’ll learn how to overcome social barriers and open more doors
  • You’ll learn the art of follow up communication and how to use it to keep your relationships with influencers strong
  • 2

    Receive hands-on guidance from Jordan and AJ by accessing their personal e-mail addresses and getting personalized feedback.



  • 3

    Private VIP Slack Chat Group Membership.

Join our private chat group exclusive to VIP members of Social Capital to talk live with other VIP students, AJ & Jordan, and our coaches.

  • 4

    Bi-weekly Q&A Sessions

AJ and Jordan will be answering your curriculum questions in depth via audio every other week during the program. You’ll get deep strategy on how to best implement the lessons from Social Capital into your life.

  • 5

    Executive Summary Checklists

Get straight to-the-point summaries of each module you can review in a breeze to brush up on materials taught through the curriculum.

Bonus For February Promotion

  • 6

    LIVE Social Capital Networking Mixer Event Ticket in 2016

VIP Access grants you a free ticket to meet AJ & Jordan and other members of the Social Capital program during our LIVE Mixer Event in 2016.

Bonus For February Promotion

  • 7

    Program Updates FOR LIFE

You get unlimited access to Social Capital for Life - including all updates to the platform.



Social Capital Networking Intensive
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32 Complete Audio Downloads
8 Different Training Manuals
Over Two Dozen Workbooks
32 Detailed Transcripts of All Intensive Videos
8 Weeks of Coaching Classes
Bi-weekly Exclusive Q&A Sessions
VIP Slack Membership
8 Executive Summaries
11 One-Hour Classes with Social Thought Leaders
Private e-mail for any and all questions related to mastering this material
Free Upgrades for LIFE
LIVE Social Capital Networking Mixer Event

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Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us

Jeff Bisbee

I’m a satisfied customer. I’ve been applying the skills learned on a daily basis. Johnny challenged us to add value to others daily for 30 days and see the results. I don’t know that I have done this each day but have made an effort to do this regularly, and instantly see the results. It is more accurate to say I feel the results, which is great. It could not have gone any better.

Adding value to others became a game changer for Jeff, who saw incredible results in his professional and personal life almost instantly!

Watch what Liz Rave thinks about Social Capital

Here’s What the Experts Say
About The Art of Charm…


Why Should You Trust This System?

Robert Fulton

It’s amazing what AJ, Jordan, and Johnny do. They know how to transform social lives. I’ve seen it happen over and over again; I completely support this intensive, but also support their endeavors as a whole. If you get a chance to enroll in their online intensive or attend their live events - do it!

As Seen On:

Classes that teach people how to be a high-value individual with class, poise and respect is a true gift they have. These AOC guys have succeeded in creating an environment that’s not only efficient but FUN.

Why You Should Listen
to Jordan and AJ




  • They’ve Perfected the Ideal First Impression
  • We’re giving you the access to the same information that helped us start and expand our “inner circle” to a global scale.
  • You'll make high-profile affiliations in just 8 short weeks.
  • All courses are 100% online
  • Never get behind on your goals. Each module includes a detailed worksheet that highlights the most important points, so you don't miss a beat.

Check Out These Case Studies From Our
Current Clients

Find Your Following

Using these techniques, Nikki went from an accountant's assistant to a revenue accountant for a petroleum company with a corner office and making 7x as much money.

Build a Legacy From Your Network

In just one month of implementation, Evan made 50% more money by building more social capital using what he learned from the Social Capital Networking Intensive.

Make Friends in The Right Places

In just 4 weeks, Whitney worked her way into being on the guest list for a high-profile event in Paris!

John Wesley

The Art of Charm’s content is excellent advice, but more than anything, it was an inspiration. The inspiration that created a new ability I immediately saw within myself - a motivation that triggered me into action. Without a doubt, my life is better thanks to your work. Thank you.

Thanks to the Art of Charm, John got the confidence to not only learn a new language and start a book club, but he also met executives who created a new job for him! He’s living the good life, and he’s happy.

Who is This Intensive For?


  • People who want to form lasting connections with high-profile people and expand their circle of friends globally.
  • Those who want to make money through social media without compromising the integrity or their brand.
  • People who want to strengthen their connecting capabilities, seizing incredible opportunities daily.

Who is this Intensive NOT for?


  • People who aren’t willing to put the work into reshaping their habits of engaging others and bonding with others.
  • Those who don’t work well in a community, or in one-on-one training sessions.
  • Those who don’t value having relationships that support a better life, and business.

When You’ve Completed This Course, You’ll Be Able To…


  • Befriend and grow with those you CHOOSE to form connections with (no more sub-par acquaintances!)
  • Discover how to strengthen and maintain your most cherished alliances so that you know you'll have high-profile friends for life.
  • Make money from your social media presence, so that you boost your income while connecting with people all around the globe.
  • Strengthen your sense of self, oozing confidence when you walk into any room and attracting the people you want to be talking to.
  • Walk out of any high-profile event with at least ten contacts of people you’re FIRED UP to follow-up with.
  • Accomplish all of this without having to resort to gimmicky ways of lying or compromising your true self.

You’re going to love this Intensive because it includes all of the techniques that have helped us become high-profile people of value with incredible friendships.

These techniques will help you get your foot in the door of exclusive events all over the world. It can help you travel for free, too. If you choose to make money from your social status, you can do that, too. You can connect with some of the most interesting people in the world if you choose to.

Your life will be worth more, and the people around you will benefit from your new sense of self after you complete this Intensive...



Here's our 90 day guarantee:

First, you need to be a serious candidate to join into this program. This guarantee is to create the expectation that when you purchase Social Capital you complete it as you would a college course.

This guarantee is not only designed to keep you accountable to your own learning and progress, but also to keep students out that would slow you down and not add value to you or the network. Keep in mind that Social Capital isn't just a product it's a network.

This refund isn't designed for a change of heart, or those who "run out of cash". Please purchase only after you've decided that you're 100% in.

If the quality of our philosophy is in question, you'll be able to schedule a call with us letting us know where it falls short and if there isn't a remedy you will receive a refund.

This is no problem for those who take action, show they have given it their best and put everything into this program.

You have to receive multiple times your investment for it to make sense.



What will I learn by enrolling in this Intensive?

You’ll learn how to change your outlook and develop the habits required to relate with intimidating people in high-stakes situations. You’ll learn how to present yourself as unique and memorable in a positive way that ensures you’ll have a connection for life. You’re going to gain confidence in knowing that you can walk into any room and dominate it by making connections, expanding your brand, and “working the room” in a way that isn’t pushy or desperate. You’ll ooze charm and charisma in a way you never thought possible.

Do I need to supplement the teachings of this Intensive with anything else?

Everything that you could ever need to transition yourself into a new lifestyle without compromising who you truly are is laid out for you in one easy-to-follow package. You don't need to buy anything else.

What does this Intensive look like on a week-by-week basis?

Each week you’ll be given plenty of materials ranging from video and audio downloads to PDFs. Every Monday, you’ll begin with a new session. There will be plenty of opportunities to work on your sticking points.

What if I’m not tech-savvy? Will this Intensive still work for me?

This course is 100% online; it’s been customized to fit any level of tech-savviness. From novice to super-sophisticated millennial, there’s a place for you within the Intensive.

What is the value of becoming a VIP?

When you enroll in the VIP Intensive, you’ll take what you've learned to a new level of mastery. You'll work with The Art of Charm on a deeper level by learning what to do after the Intensive ends. You’ll be receiving the coaches' personal e-mail addresses, so you can reach out to them with your specific questions as the Intensive’s happening in real time. You’ll get personalized responses so that you’re able to apply their advice. Additionally, you’ll receive access to exclusive 11 hour-long “master classes” from real experts that aren’t accessible anywhere else, ever.

What if I don’t like this intensive?

Not an issue! You'll get 90 days to request a refund as long as you've completed all your assignments that have been released. If the content isn't to your standard and the coaching you've attended hasn't accomplished your goals, we will give you a refund.

What is the class pace and/or availability? When does it start?

You'll receive a new module on Monday each week for 8 weeks. The course starts the day you sign up.

The modules build upon one another, so it’s important to do them in order. However, just because we’re releasing them weekly doesn’t mean you absolutely need to keep pace with us.

You’re busy and may not have a ton of free time to work on this every week. Do your best to at least log in once a week and you’ll be doing great.

How much time is each module? Is there a time limitation?

Each module should take 1-2 hours to absorb the content, and you can take as much time as you need to work on the assignments. The more time you spend really thinking about the questions, the more you’ll get out of the process.

Will the material be available to me after this 8 week course or is it poof-abracadabra-gone?

Nope! You get lifetime access to this program, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete everything.

What is this about getting free updates for life? Please explain this.

We want this course to be an absolutely life-changing experience for you. That’s why we’re 100% committed to continually improving the content and experience. We’ll be updating things as we see fit to make this program even more mind-blowing, and since you have lifetime access, you’ll be along for the ride.

When/where will the Q&A take place? I work 8-5 and can’t participate while I’m at work.

We want the Q&A sessions to be accessible for as many people as possible, so we’ll give everyone the chance to email in questions. We'll record each session so it'll be available for everyone on the private member site afterwards to listen in.

Is this during the weekday? I work at a start up and can’t make weekdays work.

The content is 100% self-paced. This means we release a new module each Monday, and you have as much time as you need to go through it.

What is the difference in the content between this program versus your live training residential program?

Our residential live-training programs are amazing. They have changed the lives of basically everyone who has come through our doors. However, we understand that not everyone has the time or budget to come train with us in Los Angeles (and our bootcamps are sold out months in advance).

The Social Capital Intensive is more budget-friendly if finances are tight, and also allows you to get started ASAP since you get access on Day 1 when you sign up.

This program also specifically focuses on networking like a pro, identifying your core value, showcasing your value to others (in a totally non-braggy way), and using your new connections to skyrocket your success and fulfillment in life.

We only have a short amount of time to cover these topics in our live training bootcamps, while Social Capital gives us 8 weeks of content (+ bonus free VIP content if you sign up for the VIP upgrade) so we can really deep-dive into these focus areas.

Will the Social Capital Networking Intensive help with the dating part of my life?

Having an abundant social circle is actually one of the #1 most important things when it comes to dating. Getting the core fundamentals down is of course very important, but we find that our most successful clients build flourishing social circles that are constantly feeding them new dating candidates, business/work opportunities, and a plethora of fun social gatherings to attend. They really go hand-in-hand!

About The Art of Charm


The Art of Charm is a revolutionary school created by a team of social dynamics experts that has taken thousands of people from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you want to be in a relationship with top influencers, have opportunities open up to you constantly then you need to have a better community of peers. This is what you'll be focusing on in this intensive.

You'll explore and improve every facet of your social game. You will assess every skill you’re bringing to the table, and seize every chance to boost your personal value. That’ll help you achieve the incredible life you’ve always dreamed of. Seriously. You will.