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An open letter to any guy who’s getting phone numbers, but still isn’t going on many dates… and can’t figure out what he’s doing wrong…

“Forget the Humiliation of Women Not Responding to Your Texts… or Flaking on You… and Finally Discover the Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Turning Every Number You Get into Amazing Dates… Escalating Your Relationships to Heart-Pounding Sexual Levels… and Instinctively Knowing What to Say in Every Situation You Run Into…”

Best Part: If You’re Like Most Guys, The Results Are Nearly Instant…

Had a Date Within an Hour of Reading

“Hey AJ and Jordan, check this out. Within an hour of reading your TXT Book, I already had a date lined up for the next night. I used to majorly stress over what to text women… now I see how incredibly fun and easy it really is. I can’t thank you enough — I got the book like 2 days ago, but my night life is already a LOT more interesting. Rock on!”

– Josh, NYC

Update: Hey guys, been just under a week since I got the Book. Here’s the total results: 10 new numbers, 3 dates, and 2 deep escalations ALREADY. Once it’s all said and done, I should have 7 dates from just the new numbers.This is awesome, but man, these girls are exhausting! :)

Improvement Happened Almost Overnight…

“My friend and I have been listening to your show for just a few weeks and we both bought The Txt Book. We’ve made some serious strides but to be honest, my friend George is REALLY taking off with it. He used to be quiet and shy, but has since switched up his body language, vocal tonality and eye contact and is now getting phone numbers like crazy.

A couple weeks ago the kid was quiet, and yesterday he literally got 10 phone numbers from women he met in the street! It’s like he’s not even the same person, and everyone’s noticed his improvement, because it happened almost overnight. I guess he was just really ‘ready’ to get going with all of this. So, on behalf of George and I, thank you guys so so SO much! This stuff seems small but is really life-changing!”

– Joe, Manchester

It took 15 guys a full year of research — over 100,000 text messages worth of testing — to develop this proven “date-getting” system…

Now, this breakthrough, specific, and proven advice is YOURS for the taking!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted the ability to turn any number you get into an exciting date (even if you got the number ultra quickly)…

… while eliminating almost any chance she’ll flake on you… then this could be the most exciting message you ever read.


Here’s what this is about: My name is Jordan Harbinger and I have a very embarrassing story… but it’s so important to your dating success that I’m going to share it anyway.

You see, I’ve been a professional dating coach for several years now and it’s never been a challenge to get women’s numbers… but one day I noticed some very real frustrations (maybe you’ve run into these as well)…


  • You meet a woman at a bar, have a great conversation, maybe dance and even make out a little. It’s obvious you’re both into each other… but once you have her number, you aren’t sure how to keep her attracted so you can meet up again.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple “system” for keeping her interested so you can always get her out on a date?
  • You meet a good looking girl on the street and get her number really quickly. She seems really cool, but you didn’t have much time to get to know each other so her number is still kind of “cold.” Wouldn’t it be great to know how to send just a couple text messages to make her comfortable enough to meet you out that same week?
  • You’re texting back and forth with a girl and you both want to get together, but your schedules make it difficult. After a while, things start to fizzle: she takes longer to respond… her responses get shorter and shorter… and you realize she’s losing interest. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to get her re-engaged… or better yet, how to prevent her from losing interest in the first place… even if it takes a few weeks to finally get together?
  • You send a text to a girl and for some reason she takes it the wrong way and gets mad. This puts a bad vibe on the relationship and you feel bad for messing it up. How would you like to know how to handle her when she gets feisty—and keep yourself from getting stressed over it?
  • Have you ever gotten “stuck in your head” and beat yourself up over what to text a girl? Or sent a text and then checked your phone every 2 minutes, agonizing until you got a response? How great would it be if you could send every text with complete confidence (even if you’re REALLY into her)… and then never think about it again until the response actually arrives?

…And, perhaps worst of all…

  • Have you ever had a girl agree to meet you out… but then totally flake on you? And then, when you give it another chance, have her flake on you again? What if there was a way to communicate with women so that almost never happened again? What if you could get her chasing YOU?

Doesn’t it drive you nuts?

You have these great conversations with a woman… get her number… but then when you try to move the relationship forward, it’s like she totally forgets she was into you! (I mean, she had to have been at least somewhat interested to give out her number, right?) And worse yet, sometimes she won’t even respond at all.

So there I’d be, pacing around the room, waiting… hoping… aching… for any response or sign of interest, which quite often never came. I considered giving up on texting altogether…

“Maybe texting just isn’t an effective avenue for getting dates?” I wondered…


Fortunately, I’m Not the Kind of Guy to Give Up Easily
When it Comes to these Dating Matters…

… I am a professional dating coach, after all… and by that point we’d been running seminars for years… so as texting grew in popularity, we realized we needed to study this new form of communication to learn what women best responded to.

That’s when we brought together the entire The Art of Charm crew and put everyone on “high alert”… to figure out the do’s and don’ts of texting. Our team was sending over 7,000 text messages a month and, for the first time, we started analyzing them in a systematic way…

… We started throwing everything against the wall to see what would stick…

… We used extreme trial and error… got as random and ridiculous as we could… to discover what was TRULY possible…

… We tested against different “types” of women… how you met her… length of the intereaction (3 minutes in the subway or 3 hours at a party?)… where she lived… type of job… and many other factors…

And through it all, we kept spreadsheets… so we could make “pseduo-scientific” determinations about what worked best.

One year and over 100,000 text messages later, our obsessive research was complete… and once I started using this new system, some truly amazing things started to happen:

  • I stopped stressing over “what to say” in my texts. I’d just write something that followed our simple guide lines and then “send it and forget it” because…
  • I started getting an almost 100% response rate to my texts… and not only were women getting back to me, but they were much more engaged in the conversations and banter (it was fun)…
  • … which made it much easier to not only land more dates, but land them much faster than I could before (even more fun!)…
  • And beyond that, women were getting so attracted – they started regularly asking (or telling) me to come out (evenMORE fun!)…
  • Plus — almost magically — because of the “different” way I communicated with them…

… I Almost NEVER Got Flaked On…

… and that was the most fun of all.

Finally, I stopped worring about getting left in the dust at the last minute.

But it gets better: I learned how to screen out the low quality women… while at the same time re-engaging my old numbers to bring the best ones back into my life…

…and with added confidence in my follow up ability, I started attracting even BETTER women into my life… because I could intuitively understand what they were really trying to say (“OK, she said this… but she really means THIS… and here’s how I should handle it”)…

My phone was constantly blowing up, keeping my energy and optimism at much higher levels than before (once this started, I was ALWAYS ready to go out and get after it).

It was like having new magical powers, except it’s not magic at all. My success had almost nothing to do with me… and everything to do with the texting guidelines I followed. This system was so powerful because it literally “forces” you to send the “right” texts to her… while preventing you from making the mistakes you’d make otherwise. (And best of all: it all fits within your natural personality. All you gotta do is stay roughly within the guidelines.)

You see, most guys don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to learn and develop a system like this on their own… so they try to learn from experience or read an article here and there on the internet (but let’s be honest… few of those articles’ authors have real experience “in the trenches”).

As a result, you never get the chance to learn how to communicate with and engage women on the phone so they stay attracted to you.

And this leads to…

4 Common Mistakes Guys Make After They Get
A Woman’s Number (And How YOU Can Avoid Them)

What I’m about to tell you may seem “obvious” or “too simple,” but don’t let that fool you becaue it’s actually VERY powerful knowledge. Plus, it’s based on TONS of research (including analyzing lots of actual conversations) and real situations our students all over the world have run into.

Here it is:

If you get a woman’s number, but then for any reason don’t end up on a date with her… it’s NOT because you aren’t good looking enough or don’t have enough money.

It’s not because you didn’t have time to “build a bond” (you still got her number!)… or you “stuck around her too long”… or because your schedules are too busy… or anything else.

It’s because of one thing: you haven’t communicated properly to keep her interested and excited about meeting up with you again.

The reality is, you only need to do 3 things to land the date (and I’ve already told you 2 of them). You need to

  • Keep her interested in you
  • Get her excited about and comfortable with the idea of going on a date
  • And… ask her on a date you already KNOW she’ll enjoy and thus can easily say “yes” to

… if You Can Do Those 3 Things,
You’ll Get the Date Every Time.

This may sound simple, but that’s because it is. Once you have a framework or system for how to communicate via text message, you know which “bases” you need to cover to make saying “yes” is a no brainer for her.

But because most guys haven’t been trained in this step of the dating process, they tend to make some very common, but very avoidable errors once they get her number… and it prevents them from dating the women they deserve.

I’m going to share them with you here so you never fall into these traps, and instead communicate with women the way they want you to.

Common Mistake #1: The “Holy Grail” Error

This is by far the biggest mistake you can make, and it is also the most common: thinking of her number as the “holy grail” and that once you have it, you’ll be set with her. This is the completely wrong mindset to have—you see, getting her number is just the start of a successful relationship process, not the end.

If you look back and observe yourself, you might realize you think this way, but that isn’t your fault because there are a LOTof forces (and even many of the so-called “gurus”) leading you astray.

Every relationship starts with getting her number, so by definition that’s what most guys have the most experience with. Even if you’re great at pulling numbers, you still don’t have nearly as much experience with the 2nd step — texting her to secure the date — as you do with meeting and bantering with her face to face… so it’s much tougher to figure out what to anticipate, what works, and what doesn’t.

It’s not that it’s harder, it’s just much less familiar… and mastering it can be a very painful process.

On top of that, much of the “dating community” is so hell-bent on getting numbers that very little attention gets paid to what you should do once you have it. And because they’ve got you focused purely on getting her number, it’s very easy to forget there’s MUCH more to do to bridge the gap between exchanging numbers and actually dating.

In a minute, I’m going to explain why texting is the best way to secure the date… but first, you need to know another common trap I’ve seen way too many guys fall into:

Common Mistake #2: The “Golden Handcuffs”

Once you become good at meeting women, it’s very easy to get addicted to pulling numbers. You go out, have a great time, and end the night with a couple awesome contacts. It feels great to have such a tangible “trophy” for your efforts. Your friends are impressed, other girls see it and grow intrigued, and you feel like The Man (rightfully so!).

But your success and sense of accomplishment blind you to the real question: How many of those numbers will actually pan out to anything?

The point of getting a number isn’t to add another contact to your phone—it’s to explore the relationship with that woman…

… and if you aren’t sure how to advance her to the next stage of the relationship, you’ll actually dig yourself a hole. You go out and get the numbers, which FEELS like you’re being social… but really your stunting your growth because you’re avoiding the next step in relationship development. I know how tough this is because I’ve faced it many times during my own growth… so you must always be challenging yourself to master the next step with women.

However, once you realize you need to act on these numbers (and act on them quickly)… you might face this next problem…especially if you meet a woman you’re REALLY into:

Common Mistake #3: Over-Thinking

Have you ever beat yourself up over what to text a girl? Or sent a text and then relentlessly checked your phone until you got a response (if it ever came)? Do you ever feel like you are your own worst critic?

Look, I get it. When you’re really into a girl, you want to make a solid impression… and you know you need to get her FASTbefore someone else does. But that doesn’t mean you need to destroy yourself over it. Plus, if you’re not in a good mental state, your texts aren’t going to be as light, playful, and attractive as they should be… and that cripples your chances of getting her.

On top of that, a text conversation is slowed way down, so that gives you time to over think things.

If you were in a bar, you could just go with the flow and have fun free wheeling with her…

… now you got her number and you want to recreate that fun atmosphere… so your mind overthinks and second guesses what to say, or whether you’re even sending the right thing. And that is NOT what a man would do if he had a lot of women in his life (and girls can sense this).

Luckily, this is really easy to fix. You just need to understand and avoid the last mistake:

Common Mistake #4: Not Realizing the TRUE Purpose for Texting a Woman

Once I started analyzing the text conversations guys were having with women, it became very clear that most men don’t have a specific purpose for texting a woman. You got her number and you’re into her, but now that you have it, you aren’t really sure what to do with it. And then what happens? Well, nothing — without a specific “destination” in mind, the relationship won’t go anywhere… and eventually she becomes just another “lost but not forgotten” number in your phone.

From my research, most guys’ texting techniques fall into 1 of 2 categories:

1) First there’s the guys that get a number, then go straight for logistics, using texting only to set up the date.

I know why this happens: you had a great time while out with her, so you want to get her back out as quickly as possible to continue that great experience. (Plus, we men are typically much better jiving in person than “chit chatting” on the phone…)

Except one thing: this leads to her flaking on you.

She wants someone who is deeper and more dynamic than just a “logistics guy.” If all you do is gun for setting up the date… and there’s no other part of the conversation… then odds are the guy who makes her smile and laugh over texts is going to win her heart over YOU—the guy only trying to get her back out.

What you need to understand is if she’s attractive, then there are lots of men coming into her life. The only way to keep her attracted long enough to meet back up is to add more depth to your texting than just logistics.

2) Then there’s the other guy, who ONLY sends flirty texts and nothing else.

Here’s the deal: if it’s not ultimately moving the interaction toward a meet up, the text is worthless. Flirting isn’t a bad thing—it’s perfect for maintaining her attraction—but once you’ve accomplished that, you need to get her back out with you face to face where you can deepen your rapport.

The relationship won’t go anywhere if you don’t meet back up.

So — what does a proper, error-free texting “flow” look like? 4 simple steps:

  1. First you banter to maintain and build attraction.
  2. Once you’ve re-established your value in her eyes, THEN you secure the meet up.
  3. Only then do you set up the logistics.
  4. And then you go on the date!

If you want her to feel a gut-level NEED for you… that’s more than “he would be nice to date,” then you need to develop thisNEW understanding of how women want you to communicate with them.

You’ll have a complete system in place that guarantees a high rate of responses — and gets her invested in your relationship.

In Other Words, You Won’t Have To Rely On

Guess-Work Or Hope To Get Your Dates.

The good news is this is easy to learn… and when you get this down… and know how to create that gut-level attraction, trust, and desire that leads her to want you… everything else falls into place…

  • All those prior moments of frustration will feel so worth it…
  • You’ll know exactly what to do right after you get her number so she STAYS attracted to you…
  • …and feel re-energized every time you check your phone and see several new messages waiting for you…
  • You’ll have the confidence to go after better looking, higher quality women you considered “out of your league” before…
  • You’ll constantly feel the love from the women in your life (there’s nothing like getting a hot new text from an overly-satisfied customer!)…
  • And the list goes on… and so do the benefits to your dating and overall happiness with life…

Here’s why I’m telling you this:

You see, once we finished this system, we thought about only sharing it with our select seminar clients (who pay pretty hansomly).

And we’d be perfectly happy doing it this way, making a handsome living by taking the absolute best care of our high-paying students.

But here’s a simple fact: if we put together an ebook teaching our texting system and sold it for a very reasonable fee… within a few weeks we should have enough customers to make it a lot of fun. So we decided to “test” this simple offer for a while and if it goes well, we’ll keep it going.

If it doesn’t, however…

We’ll Take It Down Forever And
Only Teach It At Our Live Seminars

I’ll be honest, a product like this takes a long time to develop and a ton of resources to support. But I really enjoy changing guys’ lives… and there’s no better feeling than giving the “spark” someone needs to jump-start his dating life (or kick it to the next level).

That means, if you’re reading this right now, everything is still all good. It’s an unbelievably powerful, “read it today, use it tonight” package… designed so you don’t risk a thing until you see incredible results for yourself.

Introducing The TXT Book

TXT Book

If you’re ready to learn how women want you to communicate with them… and become incredibly successful at securing dates… then I have some excellent news for you.

We’ve taken all the lessons we’ve learned… what to definitely do… and what to definitely never do… and we’ve put together a complete (but concise) “tell all” course that will show you how to turn any woman’s number into a date… almost every time.

Went From “Maybe Getting a Response”… to 100% Response Rate… Texting at Least 5 Girls at Once

“I Went from maybe getting a response after picking a number to 100% rate in responses and have been texting at least 5 girls at once. Thanks guys for creating an awesome book. I was always ok with texting, but I was like ‘why not be GREAT!?’”

– M Garretson, State College, PA

Goofing Off and Having Girls Respond Right Back

“Guys –

I listen to your podcast whenever I can, and your eBook ‘How to Text Girls’, was a no-brainer to pick up. It’s been fun goofing off with entertaining texts and having girls respond right back!”

– Zach R, Denver, CO

“Improved My Game by 300%”

Hey mate. I loved The Txt Book! There was a time when I was racking up numbers but no dates and that book improved my game by 300 percent!

– Samson O – Dublin, Ireland

In this course you’ll learn dozens and dozens of step-by-step strategies, techniques, and one liners… plus the “intuition” to become a natural… at starting conversations with women, making her choose YOU over every other guy, how to drive even the hottest women mad with desire…

… plus, real, proven ways to get women to ask you out (or to just come straight over).

And that’s just the beginning. Once you let it work for you, here’s what will happen…

You’ll Become a Master at the First Text…

  • The 3 essential ingredients of a perfect 1st text… along with specific GOOD examples you can use right now. Page 27.
  • Then: 1st text no-no’s… and 6 examples of bad 1st texts. The sad truth is these are exactly what most guys say. Avoid these and you’ll instantly put yourself above the “lame” category of every other dude. Page 27.
  • Why you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression… and the guide lines you can use to create your own “hooks” on the fly…
  • What to never say unless you’re deliberately looking to be ignored
  • The most important element of an effective first text – page 28.
  • EXACTLY what your first few texts will tell her. The truth is, she’ll still be questioning if it was a good choice to move forward with you (instead of the 100 other guys who talked to her)… see page 26 to learn not only how to maintain her attraction in you, but actually grow it.
  • Don’t you hate it when she doesn’t reply to your first text? Here’s the 1 thing you’re not doing. Page 28.
  • How soon should you text after you get her number? If you’re still waiting 3 days you’re doing it wrong… and other guys are stealing your girl. Read page 29 immediately.
  • You met her at a bar last night… you KNOW she was attracted to you… here’s a quick and easy way to make her re-experience that attraction the next day. Sometimes it works so well it takes just 1 text. See page 28.

You’ll Master the Mental Game
so You Can Text Without Fear

  • The 6 Texting Mindsets. Once you internalize these you’ll be texting every woman with absolute concrete confidence (no matter how bad you want her). Best part: once she sees how fearless you are, you’ll become even MORE intriguing to her. Page 11.
  • How to “send it and forget it.” Never 2nd guess a text again.
  • What to do the instant you get nervous about a text you’re about to send. See page 12 to make it FUN again.
  • Another attitude that, when she senses it, will drive her wild with desire. (When you learn this, you’ll immediately see why 10% of the guys get 90% of the women—including 100% of the BEST women). Page 14.

You’ll Learn How to Rapidly Increase Her Attraction
in You so a Date Becomes a “No Brainer”

  • One of the most attractive qualities women find in men… and how to incorporate it into your “text game.” Once you do this, it will be WAY easier to pass her “shit tests” (even if you don’t realize she’s testing you).
  • … Plus, this is key to the “Chocolate Strategy” (an amazing concept that will make it MUCH easier to “just know” how to write texts that are impossible to ignore). Explained on page 13.
  • The 1 trait you should show a woman that gets her relaxed, comfortable… and associating you with a good time. This is especially important when you’ve just started to build the relationship and it makes her MUCH more likely to date you. Page 15.
  • A sneaky little way to make a woman start chasing YOU. It’s dead simple, honest, and TONS of fun. Page 17.
  • The forgotten power of nicknames that make a girl feel like she’s “known you forever.” Learn how (and when) to use them and you can quickly reach a level of intimacy she normally only saves for her “inner circle” of friends. See page 21 for 38 ideas you can use right now — based on what type of interaction you’re having with her.
  • PLUS: how to create your own nicknames and what to look for in her response. (Hint: women like to feel like they are smaller than you as both a self-image thing and because they enjoy letting you fulfill your gender role as “protector.” Add “little,” “my little,” or “baby” in front of your nickname to bolster this feeling.)
  • It’s true: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Here’s how to use this concept in texting to build rapport at the unconscious level, so she feels the deepest possible attraction to you.
  • The amazing power of 4th grade humor. Combine that with the dead simple pointer on page 28 and you’ll be pulling her heart strings very soon.
  • A simple strategy to use throughout your texting that most guys are too afraid to try. Too bad, because women LOVE when you do this. Just be careful when you’re starting out – see page 35 for the finer points of “easing into it”… along with 6 examples you can use right now.
  • When you start using these TXT techniques, you’ll build attraction in her far faster than she’s used to. The Result: she’s going to test you much harder than other guys. Here’s why this is a GOOD thing… along with 5 different ways to pass her tests (any test!) with almost effortless ease so she becomes even MORE attracted to you. This is incredibly important if you want to take things to the next level with her, so read pages 36 – 37 carefully.
  • How to be the gun slinging cowboy those extra wild women crave… while remaining absolutely true to your natural personality.
  • Which kinds of statements you can ignore – and why doing so will increase her attraction in you.
  • Talk nerdy to me: How to unlock her “inner dork.” This is HUGE. She does this around her closest friends (most guys will never see this side of her)… and when you create an environment where she can do it around you, too… she’ll LOVE you for it. Here’s how – page 43.
  • A simple little tweak to the way you answer her questions… that makes her text YOU a LOT more. Plus: she’ll become so comfortable interacting with you that a date becomes an absolute “no brainer” – Page 48
  • How to end almost any conversation in a way that makes her want you more… when you do it this way, she’s almost guaranteed to keep thinking about you… and realize she wants the relationship to move forward now. Page 50.
  • How to make her miss your interactions. This simple little change in your attitude will have women initiating conversations with you, all the time.

You’ll Learn How to Consistently Secure the Date…
and then How to Handle it so You Get a 2nd One

  • A simple (but really effective) way to get her imagining herself on a date with you. Once you do this, she’s much more likely to say yes-—once you decide to ask her. Page 55.
  • About to ask her on a date? WAIT — ask her THIS first. It almost doubles your chances she says yes. See how and why it works on page 56 (with 2 real examples from our phones).
  • A super easy “under the radar” way to find out if she can make your date before you ask her. Use this and you’ll never ask her on a date she can’t make. (Tip: if she has a busy schedule and has to keep saying “no” to your dates because of other events… you’ll become the “no” guy… and she’ll subconsciously associate you with a guy she doesn’t value… see page 56 to learn how to prevent this from happening again.)
  • Then: once you know she can make it, you’ll learn how to completely remove any reservations she has about going. In fact, this technique actually INCREASES her desire to meet up with you.
  • Plus: 4 illustrative examples on page 57.
  • Common first date myths –- dispelled for you once and for all. I guarantee you’ll never fall into these traps again. Page 59.
  • How to plan a first date that lets you build attraction, learn more about her, and escalate her comfort with some touching. And here’s what almost every other guy misses –- we’ll show you how to include your friends in a way that is more fun and increases your value in her eyes. When you do this, you’ll be stimulating both her body and her emotions… and she’ll automatically associate all those positive feelings with YOU. Page 59.
  • … and finally: how to avoid “1st date awkwardness.” TONS of guys screw this up. Read page 59 to get it right from now on.
  • How to never run out of conversation topics on your first date. Avoid that mind-numbing silence gap once and for all and keep her (and yourself!) entertained the entire night.
  • A simple tweak you should make to your attitude that prevents you from feeling “rejected” if a girl can’t make your date. Page 60.
  • Did you know you could increase your value simply by the way you ask her on a date? Here’s how – page 60.
  • Tip: as much as you think you like this girl, she knows you really have no reason to make special time for her yet (you barely know her… for now). Here’s how to invite her on a date that shows you’re an awesome, fun guy with a lot going on in your life… exactly the type of guy she WANTS to hang out with. Explained – with examples – on page 61.
  • How far in advance should you invite her to the date? See page 61… and don’t miss the cheeky little technique to use while setting it up that sets you apart even more from every other guy out there.
  • How to remind her about your date without seeming needy. Most guys do this in a way that gives the woman the power in the relationship… see page 64 for 4 real examples you can use right now to avoid this.
  • How to text her if you need an answer immediately. When you do it this way… even if she has to cancel, you’ll still maintain a high value in her eyes so you can secure the meet up later on. Page 64.
  • The “Chickie Buffer” -– what it is, how it actually helps you land the date (if you know how to do it)… Plus: how you can use it to hook up your friends (while you hook up with her). Page 65.
  • What to do if she wants to bring a friend on the first date. Page 66.
  • (Advanced) So you have a bunch of numbers, but you don’t have the time, energy, or money to go on a bunch of individual dates right now… Here’s how to invite multiple girls out at the same time… get to know each one better… and then how to set up more intimate dates with the women you like the best (including specific lines you can use if you aren’t sure what to say).
  • Best part: it shows her you’re the epicenter of fun and have tons of women in your life—-making you MORE attractive. Page 67.
  • What to do during the first date to virtually guarantee you get a second one. Then: what to text her afterward that seals the deal. Page 70.

You’ll Learn How to Handle Flakes

Here’s the deal: the real key to avoiding flakes lies in what you do before the date actually happens… how you ask for her number… how you build the attraction… and how you set up the date. When you use our system, you’ll get these steps right almost automatically.

But the truth is, you can’t avoid every flake. Sometimes it just happens… and that’s why you’re going to learn how to recover if it ever does…

  • What to do if she flakes the first time. When you respond to her in this way, it’s much more likely she’ll fully commit to the next date. Plus: how to handle it if she flakes again—-which some girls inevitably will, no matter how good your “game” is. The best “date getting” ways to respond — Page 68.
  • The “Boy Scout” mindset that protects you from ever stressing over flaky girls. (This is the best way to “battle” even the worst flakes—-and get to the top of her “to do” list.) Page 67.
  • How NOT to respond to a girl that flakes on you. Do this and you’ll never get a 2nd chance with her (Page 68)…
  • … along with the absolute best thing to do if she keeps flaking… but you still can’t get her out of your head. Page 69.

You’ll Learn How to Prevent (or Recover From)
Mistakes and “Sub-Optimal” Situations

  • Ever meet a girl but have things fizzle before you can get back out with her? Here’s how to know when to stop and move on… and when you should definitely keep trying for the date.
  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make when texting a new and highly attractive woman… do this and you’ll scream neediness… guaranteed to kill her attraction in you. Page 13.
  • What to do if you got her number on the fly and didn’t have time to build much attraction. The key is learning this one thing about her before you part ways – see page 32 for how to ask for it.
  • Ever wake up with a new number… but no name to go with it? Here’s a simple (and fun) way to get her name. It works surpisingly well…
  • What to do if she takes a joke the wrong way -– see page 36 for a dignified way to recover.
  • Exactly how to respond if she calls you a “player” – page 37.
  • 2 really common responses you may be giving women right now—-that they hate… why saying them gives the wrong message… and what you should say instead. Page 48.
  • What to do if she stops responding. First you’ll learn why women sometimes do it… then you’ll learn how to tackle it… then you’ll get 4 examples we’ve used to re-engage women… and then you’ll get 2 “last resort” strategies if nothing else works.
  • 2 easy ways to calm her down if she starts to give you a lot of sass. Once you get these down, women will never be able to step all over you. Page 55.
  • A 5 page, fully analyzed example of how to handle a woman that starts “sexting” but then freaks out mid-way through. Page 75 – 80.
  • Ever have a girl abruptly stop responding to you? Here’s something to try that just might re-trigger her attraction switches. Takes 5 minutes max. Page 33.
  • How to respond to the dreaded “who is this?” text in a way that spikes her curiosity and gets her having fun BEFORE you even tell her your name. Do this right and not only will she save your number, but she’ll be more than willing to engage in future interactions. See page 34 for 5 examples you can use today if you need to.

Plus… Advanced Text Game:
How to Build Sexual Attraction with Texting

  • How to “set the stage” so she reveals her most guarded sexual fantasies. Do this and you’ll be surprised how dirty some women can get… Page 72.
  • How to set yourself apart as a world-class lover… even if you haven’t been with a woman before. Page 74.
  • The Good: when you use these techniques, you’ll unlock her sexuality much faster than anyone else ever has. The Bad: this speed will likely bring out some of her deepest insecurities. See page 75 to learn how to handle this in a way that actually deepens your relationship together… and shows she can be as dirty as she wants with you anytime she pleases.
  • The single easiest way to elicit a woman’s sexual fantasies…pg 81… and then, how to make it even easier to resume those fantasies in the future. Page 86.
  • How to create a sexual state in her… while also deepening your emotional bond. Page 81.
  • How to discover what she responds to sexually… while subtly showing her what you’re into as well. Page 85.
  • A 5 page real life example where you can see how we drove a woman to the point of orgasm… while she was in class. Page 81 – 85.
  • How to choose the right words that make her mind wander… and gets her white-hot with desire (for you!). This is the most important key to enjoying powerful arousal and mind-blowing sex with her. Page 85.
  • A simple (and ethical) way to make a woman MUCH more comfortable with the idea of kissing, touching, and having hectic, sweaty, passionate sex with you. Page 86.
  • Yet another really casual and non-chalant way to start “sexting” with her that adds a massive load of sexual energy to your relationship… helps her become more comfortable with the idea of becoming aroused… and includes an easy “out” you can use if she doesn’t dig it. (She’ll never look at you the same way again… and she’ll probably bring up the experience over and over after you share it together.) See page 87 for this incredibly fun and almost effortless way to transition any conversation into something sexual…
  • How to subtly show you take care of your body… women love seeing this attractive element in men… and it works even if you aren’t a star athlete that hits the gym every day. Page 89.
  • How to “put it all together” so you can create your own sexting techniques. Page 90.

…And a Whole Lot More that
Will Turn You into a Texting God:

  • The single most important purpose of every text you send to every girl you meet. See page 10 to learn this 1 thing and you’ll already know more than 99% of your competition.
  • 4 ways to tell if you’re texting too much… and 5 ways to tell you’re texting just enough — page 13.
  • How long should you wait to reply to her texts? See page 14.
  • How to make sure a woman never misinterprets your texts. (On that note, here’s a tip: NEVER try to build a serious emotional connection via text. Save it for the meet up. If you try to do this while texting — and many guys unfortunately do — you’re setting yourself up for failure due to misinterpretation. See page 15 for the full story.)
  • Did you know over 90% of in-person communication is done through non-verbal cues (like body language, vocal tonality, etc)? How do you do this in a text message? We’ll show you 2 ways that make your texts extra powerful… if your buddies see you doing these they’ll think you’re insane… but when you show them the responses you get… they’ll fall to their kees in awe. See pages 16 and 20 for examples you can copy into the next text you send today.
  • Why some girls respond with 1 word after you write a really long text. Page 22.
  • Then: how to know how much to write in your text so you avoid being the “chaser” in the relationship. This is especially crucial at the start of the relationship – see page 24 to get it right.
  • How to use the often-overlooked power of social networking sites to write more compelling texts. It makes it so easy, you’ll be shocked you weren’t doing this all along…
  • What to put in your Facebook profile to make her more comfortable with the idea of going out with you. Page 33.
  • Why “bust a move” works better than “dance.” (This will show you why most guy’s texts are so painfully boring to women.)
  • 5 pages of examples for how to handle her “shit tests.” Starts on page 38.
  • Possibly the most important concept you may ever learn about interacting with women in any context — page 38.
  • The basics of role-playing: how to display the adventurous, exciting, or even romantic side of yourself in a completely fun way that she’ll love. (This will actually allow her to release some of her own insecurities, so she can open up more fully to you. You’ll be amazed how comfortable this makes her… and how easy it is to get a date after you do it.) See page 46 for 5 examples from our phones.
  • Then, the finer points to role-playing: the best scenarios that make her subconsciously more into you. They’re all based on one principle –- explained on page 46 -– and once you know it, you can easily create your own whenever the chance arises.
  • Finally, the finest points to role-playing: how to actively cultivate those “chances” to keep it spicy.
  • How to laugh your way into her arms. You can use this technique in almost any conversation to build your value AND subtly get her to lower her guard.
  • Ever have a girl imply you weren’t “up to her standards”? See page 49 to learn how to turn the tables… and have her trying to live up to YOUR standards.
  • You’re texting back and forth… having a fun, long conversation with her… it’s all good, right? NOPE. Here’s what you’re subconsciously telling her about yourself—-even if she’s enjoying the conversation. Page 50.
  • HOWEVER: Here’s how to exchange a bunch of texts with her without seeming “too available” or boring
  • STOP. Check your phone right now – see any “dead” numbers you haven’t texted in a long time? Want to re-engage any of them? Immediately? See page 51 for 2 kinds of texts you can send right now to do so. Shortly after that you’ll know which ones are worth pursuing… and which ones you can stop wasting time on.

You’re going to get the real truth about consistently landing dates with women… and why… a guy can be great at getting numbers but STILL struggle to get relationships.

You’ll be able to quickly find and qualify that “special type” of woman you’re most attracted to (it seems most guys go after any woman who will pay attention, but you’ll be deliberately attracting the type of women that make you MOST happy.)

But That’s Not All…

We’re not just going to show you how to write incredibly powerful, attractive text messages that inspire women to want you.

You see, having the skills to text women is great… but it means nothing if you aren’t constantly getting new numbers.

So, on top of the that, you’re also going to learn how to attract a consistent flow of new beautiful, high quality women into your life…

Special Bonus #1
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“How to Get Her Number”

A Step-By-Step, “Quick Start” Blueprint For Getting Her Number Almost Every Time



  • The biggest reason guys get rejected when asking a girl for her number.
  • How to ask for her number in a completely natural way that makes it almost impossible for her to say no… and guarantees she actually responds when you call or text.
  • The 4 main thoughts that run through a woman’s head when a guy asks for her number, but she isn’t sure she wants to give it to him… and what you need to do to avoid all of them.
  • How to build a connection with her during your conversation so you genuinely get to know each other.
  • The 3 “guiding rules” for successfully meeting women and getting solid numbers.
  • How to get her number in a way that shows it isn’t a big deal – even if you’re completely nervous about it.
  • How to know when she’s ready to give you her number.
  • Why most guys have the wrong mindset about getting numbers… and why that mindset makes it MUCH harder to be successful.
  • How to get her to ask for YOUR name – a tell-tale sign she’s digging your vibe and wants to keep your conversation going.
  • Why the end of the conversation is the WORST time to get her number.
  • Ever had a great conversation with a woman, get her number… and then have her flake on you? It might not be your text game… it might be how you got her number…
  • Do you know a single woman who answers calls from “unknown numbers”? Here’s a simple little trick to make sure you aren’t an unknown number in any woman’s life.
  • The weird reason why getting numbers is actually BAD for some guys’ psyche (and most of the time, they don’t even realize it’s happening)… and how to tweak your mindset to make sure this never happens to you.
  • (This is HUGE.) What to do after you get her number that will significantly reduce the chances she flakes when you invite her out. (Most guys miss this crucial last step and it causes her attraction to fade before the meet up happens… so you she’s gone before you get another chance to re-establish or deepen your rapport.)
  • A fun line you can use while she enters her number in your phone to bump up the chances she responds to your first call/text… and it works when you set up the first date, too.
  • How to manage all the numbers so you never forget which “Jessica” in your phone is the Jessica from last night. (Plus, this is actually a really fun conversation topic to have when putting her number in your phone… and you can actually use it to make sure she remembers you, too.)
  • How to make her smile just by making her phone ring. It’s a quick, easy little trick to do right when you first meet… and once you do it, you’ll remember how unique and fun you are literally every time you call or text.
  • The “Numbers Game”… what it is and why you should always be playing.
  • A simple technique that “forces” you to follow up on the numbers you get each night.

When you finish this, you’ll have the complete step-by-step walk through to getting her number… how to start the conversation… keep it going to build comfort and rapport… and finally, what to say to get the digits. Then: what to do after she gives it to you to maximize your chances of turning that number into a date.

A new feeling of solid confidence and absolute clarity will flow over you… and you’ll see, finally, why getting her number is actually really easy.

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“From Text to Sex”

(Warning: ADVANCED)

How To Create And Amplify A Woman’s Sexual Desire For You (And Only You)…
So You Can Avoid The Friend Zone, Move Your Relationship To An Exciting Sexual Level, And Unlock Her Inner Fantasies


This is where it gets ULTRA interesting…

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn a woman on to the point of orgasm… with just your thumbs? Or get her primed for a sexual encounter right before your date happens?

How would you like to connect with her on deeper levels… take the relationship to a more sexual level… faster than you ever have before?

You’ll learn specific techniques to know for sure when she’s ready… and these techniques are easy. They don’t require any particular talent or expertise. They are “mechanical.”

All you need to know is how to introduce the thought… what to look for in her responses… and how to “bump” her forward into total arousal (in a completely honest and open way)…

  • Why women are MORE likely to open up sexually via texting… even if she has never “sexted” before.
  • Why texting is the perfect setting for a woman to open up sexually for the first time.
  • The “Halloween Mask” secret that makes creating a sexual state via texting possible (and VERY effective)
  • The most potent sexual organ in the female body… and how to stimulate it with just your phone.
  • What most women consider the ultimate form of foreplay (and how to become a master at it). Once you show her this, she’s going to be wild with primal sexual desire – focused on you.
  • How this ability to create a sexual state with your phone can actually make you a better lover in real life (you just need to be aware of this one little nuance).
  • How creating a sexual state can keep her engaged in your relationship longer and also makes her put in more effort to meet up with you than she would with other guys (this is incredibly helpful if you have a busy schedule or have to travel for work)
  • How to help her explore her own sexual desire… so you become a “sexual leader” in her life.
  • Why most guys miss the opportunity to become sexual with women
  • What most guys think will ruin their chances to become sexual with a woman… and why the complete opposite is true. (If you share the same thought as these guys, you’ve probably missed a TON of opportunities to take your relationship to the next sexual level. Plus, it makes you much less attractive in her eyes. Here’s the mindset you should have instead… and living by it will actually make you a better man in her eyes.)
  • How you can show you have a raw, animalistic desire for her—without being rude, pushy, or overbearing (in fact, when you show her you can communicate with at this level of skill, her respect for you’ll actually increase)
  • How to “tune in” so you automatically notice the subtle sexual clues and subtexts women naturally give out…
  • … and how to tweak your mind so you can respond with your natural desires with complete confidence. Never worry “what she’ll think of me” again—-you’ll be completely solid in your identity.
  • The best way to respond if she becomes offended by something you say
  • Most guys never even get a chance to have a fun, sexual conversation with a girl via text… because they don’t know this sly little technique you can use to get the conversation started. (And it’s very simple to do – just one little tweak to your mindset and you’ll see almost everything she says in a new light… and you’ll know exactly how to take it sexual.)
  • How to gauge a woman’s sexual radar so you never go overwhelm (or underwhelm!) her. A lot of guys can’t “zone in” to a woman like this, so they never really turn her on. When you use this to find out exactly what she’s into, you’ll know exactly how to please her… and you’ll become a sexual god in her eyes…
  • Another really simple technique that lets you find out how comfortable a woman is with her sexuality. (This works best when you use it on a bunch of women at the same time… and it helps you find the one you’re most compatible with so you have the best sex possible.)
  • How to “amplify her sexual radar” so she grows more and more in tune with your sexuality as your interaction progresses.
  • The PROPER way to use sexual innuendos so you can easily and comfortably create and build a sexual state with a woman. (Plus: the key – and most guys mess this up – is WHEN to start using them.) This does wonders if you have trouble moving your interactions with women in a sexual direction.
  • What to do before you get physical with a woman, to make her as comfortable as possible with the idea. (When you take the relationship to this level, you’ll completely avoid her “freaking out” in the middle of a hot and heavy session.)
  • How to have fun, sexual conversations with women without making it less special, meaningful, or important.
  • What to do if she tries to initiate a sexual state with you (warning: it’s probably NOT what you think you should do). This is especially important if she’s really hot… so you need to get it right if you want to separate yourself from every other horny guy desperate to get laid… plus, it keeps the power in the relationship in your hands.
  • 4 specific ways you can make almost any conversation sexual
  • What to do on the day of your date to “prime” her for a sexual encounter (this is best used with a girl you’ve been seeing for a while, but it almost guarantees you’ll get physical that night).


Can This System Really Work For You?

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At first I didn’t think a lot of the stuff would work and even seemed a little cheesy but oh my gosh it works so well. I soon understood why it worked and from there I was able to send out effective texts naturally and easily whereas I used to sit and agonize and still would end up sending something that didn’t work too well. My only hope is that guys in my town don’t buy the book.

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