The Art of Charm in the News

Details Magazine

Should you hire a life coach? - By Diana Spechler (8/9/2010)


Huffington Post







“Charm School for Men”- by Susan Harrow (May 19, 2010)

Psychology Today

Change Your Body, Change Your Life
(May 22, 2010)

N.Y. Press


Charmed, I’m Sure - By Jessica Wakeman (2/11/2009)

N.Y. Daily News


Will girls like passes from guys in classes?- By Erica Pearson (10/21/2008)



Art of Charm gives you the confidence to meet women and succeed in life - By Brad Berkowitz (9/10/2009)

Audio Interviews

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WABC77 Interview – Curtis Silwa and Jordan Harbinger

WTKK Interview – Jordan Harbinger

Just For Women Podcast – Alissa Kriteman and Jordan Harbinger

Just For Women Podcast – Alissa Kriteman and Kim Ellington

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    The Art of Charm is a team of lifestyle coaches and social dynamics instructors. We teach the skills to become successful in both business and life, with an emphasis on social interactions. In short, we teach guys to be the best man that they can be - confident, charismatic, sexy and living the life they know they deserve.
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    I met a girl on a dance floor at the end of August and she’s super into me and we’re pretty much in a relationship now. I like her~ haha. Now that nine months have passed, I can see how meeting you guys and learning was definitely a turning point for me. You guys helped me become a better man! Thank you. — H.L., New York, NY

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