The Awkwardness Of Losing My V-card


I was a bit of a late bloomer and was very involved with music and skateboarding. Women as much as I was attracted to them, were a side thought and a distraction from my other two priorities. Though I had a few earlier chances, I was a very nervous about it and would rather just avoid the whole awkwardness of dealing with the situation.

I was 18, and in my circle of friends it was kind of well known that I was still a virgin. I did have some experience with girls, but decided to keep it to everything but the deed. My father had me scared shitless that my life would be over if I had gotten a girl pregnant so I never let things get to far.

With the girls in our circle it seemed like there was a bounty on my virginity. I escaped several attempts successfully.

It was my senior year of high school. On the weekends we would go skateboarding until about midnight, then go to Denny’s to get ice teas afterwards and hang out all night until one of us would get thrown out for being delinquent teenagers. The girls in our crew knew our routine and would go to Denny’s to hang out with us and cause their own brand of teenage riot girl mayhem.

On one particular Friday night, we were hanging out at Denny’s when one of the girls had asked me to come outside to check out her new car stereo. I was annoyed and was asking why, and trying to play it cool for my friends. I was a real insecure fool back then. Reluctantly, I went with her to see her new stereo. As she got into the driver’s side, I got into the passenger’s side while another of her friends got in next to me placing me in the middle, blocking my exit as she closed the passenger door. The girl in the driver’s side started up the car and started to head out of the Denny’s parking lot. At this point I was very confused “Hey where are we going?” I asked. “Stacey’s” they replied. “What for?” I asked, “Someone there wants to see you.” At this point I’m highly annoyed. My friends were at Denny’s and they are going to wonder where I am. I started complaining, hoping they would return me.

What I didn’t know was that Stacy had a friend who had a crush on me and decided she was going to take my V card. They worked up this kidnapping plan to get me over to her. They told me Michelle was there and that I had to hang out with her for a bit. Then they would take me back to my friends. I still didn’t put together what was up.

As we pulled into Stacy’s, the girls in the car were laughing uncontrollably and I could not figure out why. As we walked into Stacy’s, Michelle was smiling ear to ear and lead me to the bedroom that had been laid out with incense and candles. “Ohhh noooo!” I had figured it out and it was too late. At this moment, seeing the effort that was put into this caper and knowing my innocence had to go sooner or later, I decided to just go with it.

There wasn’t much anxiety about the deed; I knew it needed to be over with and I stumbled through it hoping to do my best with the little knowledge I had. It was a wonderful teenage experience and besides, the whole kidnapping idea made for a fantastic coming of age story. My only real regret over the whole experience was that if I could go back I would change the music. Losing my virginity to the Grateful Dead still irks me to this day.

It’s never the way you plan it or think it might happen. What was your fist experience like or how would you like it to play out?



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  1. Cal MacDonald says:

    Lucky so-and-so I’m 33 and its not happened tried a few times and each time had an equipment malfunction. Pretty much now can’t trust my equipment to work should I ever be in the situation again. And yes I am properly ashamed of myself for still having the V-card and I know it will be poison should any poor girl I attempt to do the deed with find out, I will get laughed out of the room or they will run for a mile.

    • NotQuiteThere says:

      Well I’m 28 and I’v still got my v-card and most of my close friends dont even know it. Its not that I cant lose it, well, in a way it is. Im’ actually waiting till I get married, but finding a girl that either feels the same or wants to wait too, hasnt worked yet. Im quite happy(apart from not being married), its just the social stigma about being a virgin makes me feel insecure. I find it difficult telling anyone as I feel like Id be the but of everyones jokes, but I also hate having to hide it. Life can be funny sometimes, maybe I should just lose it even if doesnt feel right? There’s a couple of girls I know that would want to… I just dont want to though :S

      Carl, if you really want to lose it, you should probably try and go abroad, try a country you’ve never been where you don’t need to ever worry about seeing the girl again. If things malfunction, who cares! you’ll never see her again! It might help to relieve some of the pressure. Plus I’m sure there are clinics that can help regardless of what kind of malfunction you’re having. (Also I am aware of the irony of a virgin like me giving advice about this!) Good luck mate.

      • Johnny Dzubak says:

        Hey NotQuiteThere, thanks for your comment. If handling it through marriage is what you want to do go for it. Just don’t let it ad too much pressure on you when it comes time to perform.

        As for Cal, allow yourself to relax and focus on having fun. I agree with NotQuiteThere, If leaving town or hooking up with someone you never have to see again will help you relax about the situation then it might be the thing to do. I would suggest seeing a specialist (therapist) if you feel it might be a heavier issue than performance anxiety.

  2. Mickey says:

    Thanks for posting this up man, I’m 18, and a virgin. Ever since I stopped porn and masturbation (kudos to you guys) I’ve been able to properly have fun with women, myself and just generally life.
    But my problem isn’t that I can’t talk to women, my problem is that I’m actually scared when I’m in that situation of a girl wanting to have sex, I don’t know what to do. Like a number of times my gut tells me to do something, and I just freak out.
    What do you think I should do?

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