Remember Any Name, Including Hers

name tattoo

Make no mistake about it, friends: you lose points when you can’t recall a name. Whether it’s a girl or a potential business partner you’re trying to woo, remembering names shows respect and regard. On the flip side, failure to do so makes you look like an amateur—and is a surefire game-killer with the ladies. But never fear, here are a few tricks to plant names firmly in your memory banks, plus what to do in the rare event an identity slips your mind. Read on, turn into a human Rolodex.

Pay Attention
Perhaps the most obvious advice we can give you is to really check in mentally when people say their names. “My name is _____, what’s yours?” is a conversational formality like “How are you?” However, when you ask “What’s yours?” you actually need to take note of the answer. Listen closely and you’ll get out of the gate on the right note.


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