The Interaction Map

How do you get where you’re going if you don’t know how to get there?

Fear not. In this episode of AJ & Jordan Talk Chicks, we present The Interaction Map. The Map breaks down every interaction you’ll ever have, romantic or otherwise, into simple phases. Each phase corresponds to specific mindsets and behaviors that’ll lead you to success, whether you’re planning to run the room, seduce a woman, or just network for business. After you’ve got The Interaction Map under your belt, you’ll never get lost again.

Interaction Map (PDF)

Download the audio file

This post was written by

AJ Harbinger – who has written posts on The Art of Charm.
AJ Harbinger was introduced to the world of social dynamics by Jordan Harbinger in 2004. Before then, the concept of social dynamics was an idea AJ had never considered or even knew existed. Upon introduction, his interest was immediately piqued. AJ & Jordan carried out a variety of social experiments while attending the University of Michigan, which apprised them of their aptitude in the field. From there they went on to produce PickUp Podcast and SiriusXM Radio.

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  • PUA Express » The Interaction Map on November 27, 2011

    [...] The Map breaks down every interaction you’ll ever have, romantic or otherwise, into simple phases.Read Full ArticleInteraction Map (PDF)Interaction Map (MP3)The Art of Charm Tags: [...]

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    Other ‘gurus’ seem to focus mainly on superficial, outer game with concentration on lines, mind tricks & borderline verbal abuse. Conversely, the AoC comes from a generous mixture of social prominence, impenetrable inner game, and most importantly… value. With the AoC leading you, everything else becomes secondary. — Chris

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