Episode #160: Christina Bloom, FindYourFaceMate.com

Face Mate Compatibility Relationship

I’ve always been excited for the day when Facebook (or another social networking site) can show me all the people in the world (on the site, anyway) that look similar to me.  Maybe that’s a bit odd, but you guys already know I’m one-of-a-kind. :)

Christina Bloom is the face behind findyourfacemate.com, a website that actually lets you upload your photos and find members of the opposite sex with a similar facial structure.

Christina argues (and explains some of the science behind) why people that look alike enjoy more compatibility and supposedly even have happier relationships.

As always, decide for yourself, and enjoy the show.


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0 thoughts on “Episode #160: Christina Bloom, FindYourFaceMate.com

  1. Danny says:

    lol Jordan n Selina Gomez ! ! ! :D haha


  2. Greg says:

    What about all of the couples who don’t share the same facial features? She seems to be unaware of confirmation bias.

  3. This is so fucking bullshit,I wouldn’t even waste my time.

    All these so-called revolutionary ways to date are just transforming men into bigger pussies than we already are in a westernized/feministic world.

    I mean,there’s nothing wrong with doing a podcast for exposure purposes,but for men to jump on this Facemate shit like hot cakes would be regressive.

  4. Cal MacDonald says:

    As with anything like this where is the science to back it up?

    The peer-reviewed scientific literature detailing the testing, experiments and controls. I looked on their web-page and this is noticeable by its absence.

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