Garrett Daun, Radical Undoing (Episode #183)

Baggage Command Z Daun

Garrett Daun is the owner of Command Z.

Over the past 10 years, he’s helped thousands of people undo chronic tension and fear, relax more, find out what they really want, and accelerate their lives.

He’s tried a vast array of self-development and personal improvement systems, yoga, various types of massage and bodywork, and found all of them lacking in terms of lasting results. In response, he’s developed an approach that champions the individual, instead of a rigid, unworkable system made up by someone else.

Basically, he helps people move smoothly and quickly toward what they really want, without bullshit or baggage.

In this episode of the show, we discuss:

-Structure vs. Function: The untapped innate power of the body and the brain. How you can use the structure of your brain to get faster results.

-The power of body language and body observation.

-The Role of Posture and physiology in dating and all social interactions.

-Why you should stop trying to be charming or confident. Remove the fears and emotions that are clouding the situation and blocking you from being yourself.

Of course, there’re exercises you can apply right out of the box to get started improving right away!

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