Week-long Residential Program

Attraction arts classOver 60 Total Hours of Training

Want to learn how to create powerful personal charisma and magnetism, build a strong, lasting connection, and sharpen your ability to attract and keep the right type of people in your life?

Register for our Week-long Residential Program and gain specialized knowledge in these areas and many more.

Our executive coaches are available to teach you to reach a new level of understanding when it comes to the nuances of social interaction, including:

  • Creating a powerful, charismatic presence that’s attractive to EVERYONE
  • Meeting and connecting with people any time of day or night in varied environments and contexts.
  • The power of living with integrity, in alignment with your values and purpose.
  • The freedom to be your authentic self, without apology or reservation.

All of our instructors were once students, so nothing prevents you from reaching our level of mastery.

You’ll learn why you feel, behave and react the way you do and what drives you to take action, how to recognize subtle communication and insecurities in others, and how to do the right thing at the right time to get the results you want, every time.

At The Art of Charm we know that becoming a better man happens in real life and in the moment.

Everything else is just theory.  We focus on RESULTS.

As part of an immersive experience, our students stay in our residence for six days, learn side-by-side with other guys, and work directly with our instructors. Living and studying in-residence creates an incredible environment of constant self-improvement. Over the six days in our facility, our students become truly excellent.

But we’re not here to invent the ‘new’ you — we’re here to bring out the real you. We firmly believe that you already have everything you need to be successful. What you need is a team that will draw it out of you — and teach you how to apply it masterfully out in the world.

The transformation begins immediately. Dynamic exercises led by our world-class coaches will rewrite your experience with friends and colleagues — then supercharge your game with a philosophy, skill set and toolkit to build the life you’ve always wanted.

Along the way, you will meet and learn with other amazing individuals from around the world who are interested in becoming great. That built-in support group multiplies the value of your experience and lasts for years after the program.

Preparation & Follow-up

Don’t wait to get started -change begins as soon as you register!

All programs come with pre-program preparation which includes an extensive online Academy and learning environment, reading list, multiple weekly ‘missions’, hundreds of videos, and online resources, as well as post-program follow-up, including both phone coaching and follow-up missions to make sure your results stick long after your program is complete.

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If you’re serious about increasing your confidence, social savvy and ability to attract and connect with others, apply here to see if you’re eligible for coaching. Our Programs have limited size and are not suitable for everyone. Apply Now!