Advanced Rapport Program

Jordan on rapport program


Having graduated from our week-long residential program, you are part of an elite group for men that continues to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And as you know, excellence is a life-long journey.

The attraction program gave you the foundational skills you need to be a better man. We got you prepared, empowered and outside of your comfort zone, then put you in the field where you made magic happen.

You then took those skills home and put them into action. You are probably seeing a major shift in the way you live your life now — and new opportunities to up your game.

Thats why we developed our signature Advanced Rapport Program, the next step in the Art of Charm.

The Residential Advanced Rapport Program is a highly focused strengthening workshop that builds on the skills you developed in the Weeklong Residential Program.

While the attraction program focused on your assumptions, beliefs, technique and core-level game, our Advanced Rapport Program explores the emotional undercurrents of your ‘inner-game’ and the bigger picture of your life.

As an AoC grad, you know how our residential programs work. We apply the same care, intimacy and personalized attention to our Advanced Rapport Program.

Contact us for details. As a graduate, chances are we’re still in touch on the regular, so reach out and let us know you’re coming back home. We can’t wait to see you again.

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