Learn How to Get a Girl To Like You With Our 3 Day Program!

Learn how to attract girls

Over 28 Total Hours of Training

Want to learn how to create attraction, build a strong, lasting connection, and sharpen your ability to attract and keep the woman of your dreams?

Sign up for our 3-day Attraction Arts Program and gain specialized knowledge in these areas and many more. With The Art of Charm New York City or Los Angeles Headquarters, our executive coaches are available to teach you to reach a new level of understanding when it comes to the nuances of social interaction, including:

-Creating a powerful, charismatic presence that’s attractive to EVERYONE
-Meeting women during the daytime as well as at ‘traditional’ bars and clubs.
-The power of living with integrity, in alignment with your values and purpose.
-The freedom to be your authentic self, without apology.
-Getting a girl to like you.

All of our instructors were once students, so nothing prevents you from reaching our level of mastery.

You’ll learn why you feel the way you do and what drives you to take action, how to recognize subtle communication and insecurities in others, and how to do the right thing at the right time to get the results you want, every time.

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Training Includes:

18 Classroom Hours

In the classroom, our expert Dating Coaches will teach you to attract girls and to understand the science that drives all person-to-person interaction. We strive to answer these three questions: Who Am I? Who Are You? How Do I Show You Who I Am? You’ll learn why you feel the way you do and what drives you to take action, how to recognize subtle communication and insecurities in others, and how to do the right thing at the right time to get the perfect results you want, ALWAYS.

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8 In-Field Hours

When you go ‘in-field’ with our instructors, you’ll learn exactly how to attract a woman and break down interactions, see many demonstrations of the topics covered in the classroom, and master deeper interaction on your own with the precise critique and feedback of a professional by your side. We’ll be heading out to bars, clubs, cafes, parks and other daytime and evening locations where you’ll discover the ability to create immediate and powerful attraction with anyone, anywhere.

2 Review Hours

During the daily review sessions, your instructors will drill you on the lessons gleaned from the curriculum and make sure you take home the key points necessary to attract girls and deliver the results you’re after.  You’ll even receive a report card from each of your coaches at the end of the dating bootcamp so you can chart your improvement throughout your program, complete with action points to keep you headed in the right direction.

Preparation & Follow-up

Don’t wait to get started-change begins as soon as you register!  All programs come with pre-program preparation which includes a reading list, missions, videos, online resources and phone coaching on how to get a girl to like you and many other topics, as well as post-program follow-up, including both phone coaching and 30 days of missions to make sure your results stick long after your program is complete.

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Terms and Conditions

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    The Art of Charm is a team of lifestyle coaches and social dynamics instructors. We teach the skills to become successful in both business and life, with an emphasis on social interactions. In short, we teach guys to be the best man that they can be - confident, charismatic, sexy and living the life they know they deserve.
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    The Art of Charm is a great group of guys (and girls) who want to make you a better person. For me, this program has changed my life; not just in interactions with women, but my overall outlook for the future. You will become more confident, more charming, and most importantly, a happier person. — Aldrin, Boston, MA

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