Jordan interviewed about how he ditched his Wall Street job to co-found The Art of Charm.
Jordan Harbinger on the "How to Quit Working" Podcast (BONUS Episode)

I was recently interviewed on Jeff Steinmann’s podcast about how I ditched my Wall Street job to co-found The Art of Charm.  So, for those of you that were curious about my entrée into this particularly random/unusual industry, here you go. 🙂 Enter Jeff Steinmann: How Jordan Harbinger used his Charm to Quit Working so he can […]

Aaron Marino has helped thousands of men look incredible with image and style advice.
Aaron Marino, I Am Alpha M Style (Episode #205)

Aaron Marino, founder of Alpha M. Consulting, has helped thousands of men, just like you, look incredible with simple, practical, and most importantly, unpretentious image and style advice. Aaron has the #1 Men’s Style and Grooming Channel on YouTube with over 10,000,000 views Recently, he appeared on the ABC hit show, Shark Tank, where […]

A friend with a big mouth can get you in a whole lot of trouble.
Man School with Jordan Harbinger | “I Was Kidnapped…Twice!” (Bonus)

This is an episode where I, Jordan Harbinger, am the guest rather than the host. In this show, I talk about how I got kidnapped not once, but twice, and why I’m here to tell the story. I’ll let Caleb describe his own show… Thanks to everyone who checked out Jordan Harbinger’s amazing stories on Class #2 […]