Abel James: The Fat-Burning Man (Episode #238)

Abel James teaches nutrition, weight-loss and fitness

“Every kick in the ass is a step forward.” – Anon Jordan Harbinger and Abel James rock out in this episode of the show, branching into a plethora of unusual topics including building successful habits of creators and entrepreneurs also: What makes an effective morning ritual Why environmental design can make or break your living/work space Music and its effect on … Read More

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Jay Cross, Do-It-Yourself Degree (Episode #234)

Jay Cross and Jordan talk about how to evaluate the habits we have, and which are obsolete.

The Naive Question: “If we weren’t already doing it this way, is this the way we would start?” -Peter Drucker  How many of us are doing things we’ve always done, because we’ve always done them? Maybe it’s our jobs, where we live, the people we surround ourselves with…it could be anything. The Naive Question forces us to re-assess these lazy commitments. … Read More

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AoC Toolbox | Alumni Spotlight: Daniel (Episode 228)

Daniel went from homeless to successful entrepreneur and philanthropist using skills from AoC.

Daniel, an AoC alumnus, went from homeless to successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. In this episode, we explore how Daniel used his AoC skillset to grow, advance, and overcome — every step of the way. (Direct Download Episode Here) You’ll also like: The Art of Charm Bootcamps The Art of Charm Toolbox Best of The Art of Charm Podcast On your phone? … Read More

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Erik Paquet, Travel Hacker ( (Episode #226)

Erik Paquet and Jordan discuss travel hacking and ways to travel the world for free.

“Happiness is an internal function. It is completely within your power to define your own value.” – Anonymous  Travel hacking is a great tool to help you to fake it till you make it. Travel hacking started out as a casual hobby while Erik was studying at the University of Michigan. In the six years since then, he’s redeemed more … Read More

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