From the Vault #16 | Stop “Hacking” and Enjoy the Journey with Rich Roll

Our From the Vault series examines episodes from The Art of Charm’s past more deeply; we invite you to revisit them — or discover them for the first time — with us. This From the Vault recalls Rich Roll’s advice to embrace the journey of personal improvement rather than obsessing about shortcuts to the end. Episode 366: Finding Ultra and Rejecting … Read More

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5 Easy Ways to Stop Hating Business Networking Events

5 Easy Ways to Stop Hating Business Networking Events

Business networking events can be nerve-wracking affairs if you don’t enter with a strategy in mind. Luckily, we present these five easy ways to stop hating business networking events so you’ll always be ready to face them with dignity and, of course, charm. First of all, we don’t really recommend business networking events, because there are so many more effective ways … Read More

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The Post-Game Analysis: How to Be Kind to Yourself and Keep Growing

Growing and developing our social skills as we strive to relate to others is made all the more difficult by our own self-criticism. End the reflection brutality with these four strategies. If you’re like most people, you can be pretty harshly critical of yourself — especially in social situations. If you read enough personal development and self-improvement books, it can … Read More

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Want to Overcome Your Social Status, IQ, and Genes? Make Friends.

Making friends isn’t just a smart networking approach or strategy for status. It’s intimately connected to our physical and mental well-being. If you needed more proof that our relationships literally make or break us, then check out the latest findings of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which has found once again that social capital — the stuff of great … Read More

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What We’re Reading #2 | The Handmaid’s Tale, Guests of the Ayatollah, War and Peace, and Batavia’s Graveyard

The AoC team is a well-read bunch. Each month, I’ll share what I’ve been perusing and try to get the others to put their books down long enough to do the same. If you’ve got any suggestions for books you think we should be reading (or comments about what we’ve already read), drop us a line at our respective Twitter … Read More

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Profiles of Success #11 | Brandon Terhune

Brandon Terhune was coasting through life with a “good enough” attitude. But after listening to a few episodes of The Art of Charm, he realized that he could — and should — strive to be better. Here’s what happened when he came to Los Angeles for a week to see if AoC Bootcamp was all it was cracked up to … Read More

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How to Start a Conversation with Anyone

Every time we’re out, we stick to the Art of Charm conversation formula. It works whether you’re trying to start a conversation or resuscitate one that’s flatlining. When you run out of things to say, there’s that awkward lull. Before you know it, you’re freaking out. This formula will show you how to start a conversation with anyone. So you’re … Read More

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How to Enter a Room So People Take Notice

People are hardwired to judge a lot about you based on their first impression. Here’s how to enter a room in a way that will make people take notice. [Photo of John Barrowman making a grand entrance at San Diego Comic-Con by Ewen Roberts] If you’re anything like most folks, putting yourself out there can feel risky and intense. In … Read More

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