Dr. Paul Inner Game
Doctor Paul Dobransky, Mind OS (Episode #86)

Doctor Paul discusses developing strong inner game, how to become a real man and generate natural attraction. Check out Doctor Paul’s website Doctor Paul Check out Thrillist for more adventurous tips! Download audio file You might (you WILL) also like our: Ep. #179: Dr. Paul Zak,  (www.moralmolecule.com) Ep. #168: Dr. Glenn Doyle Ep. #107: Matthew Hussey New Years […]

Steve Pavlina Individual
Steve Pavlina, Personal Development [part 2] (Episode #80)

Steve Pavlina, the author of Personal Development for Smart People, joined us for an exclusive one on one interview at the Pick-up Podcast studios to discuss his ideas on individual development, interpersonal skills, and his ambitions for the future.  He originally started writing his well received book in 2005 as an analysis of self-discipline, but soon realized that his ambition […]

Lyons AttractionExplained.com Natural
Episode #72: Adam Lyons, Naturally Generate Attraction

Adam Lyons from AttractionExplained.com stops by to give us his insight on breaking rapport and generating attraction naturally. Check out Attraction Explained Check out The Art of Charm Check out more free tips at Thrillist! Download audio file Show Notes: PUP # 72 Adam Lyons from Attractionexplained.com joins Jordan and AJ to talk about social […]

Fun and Games with Craigslist
Fun and Games with Craigslist

Everybody has their opinion about using the internet to meet women. Personally, I like the good ol’ fashion approach of getting out of the house and talking to real, live people. But the internet can provide a great tool if you are willing to be creative and think outside the box. I’m a little old […]