Alara Ceri

“Life is about growing and doing the impossible. When you do something you’re scared of, you grow tenfold. The Art of Charm is based on this concept of facing your fears, until your ‘fears’ become your freedom.”

Alara has always been curious when it comes to the nature of Man and Woman and their interactions with one another. Her fascination with interpersonal relationships led her to a minor in communications and a major in Theater. The art in acting, to her, is Human Behavior. With seven billion different personalities in the world, she wanted to explore them all.

Alara has spent her life traveling around the world, and speaks multiple languages. Here at The Art Of Charm, Alara enjoys teaching and interacting with clients and students. She believes men are biologically charming, strong and fearless, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be trained to act as you are already built.
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